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Want to Reduce Allergic Reactions? do Yoga

Nearly 40 million people Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. Moment of allergy relapse will appear various-sorts of reactions, such as sneezing, itching, pain, and fatigue. To overcome them, sufferers allergy usually will taking the drug. Is there any another way overcome allergy besides taking medicine?

Allergic reactions can be interfere with the activity at home, in schools, even in the workplace. According Reviews the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, rhinitis allergic or fever occurs when part inside of the nose inflamed or swollen as a a result of allergens.

"Allergens is the originator allergic, such as pollen, dust, or fur pet. Alergen this trigger the release of substances in the body which called antihistamines," said Michael Setzen, MD, clinical professor otolaryngology at University Medical School, New York.

"When of people are afflicted allergy, they become restless and levels of stress go up," said Baxter Bell, MD, an acupuncturist medical and instructor yoga in Oakland, CA.

"Subsequently the immune system started to close. Doing something which enables to relax, such as yoga, can help response your body calm and calming allergies," continued Bell, as quoted from the Prevention, Tuesday (4.23.2013).

One of one movement yoga which can be done for help the body relax in overcoming stress due to allergy is movement of 'Warrior I Pose'. This movement allows the chest and pulmonary-pulmonary for unlock and drain the all mucus which causing shortness of.

Here are the stages movement of yoga 'Warrior I Pose' which can be done:

1. Stood upright with legs and arm together-equally in beside.
2. Pull breath and widen your right foot to the front, leg left-into the rear.
3. Pull breath and lift hands in above your, width apart shoulder, palms hand facing each other.
4. Discard breath and swivel foot right-exit 90 degrees to the right and left foot you in 45 degrees to the right.
5. Discard breath, swivel hips and body facing direction the same with right foot your. Take a deep breath-inside.
6. The moment you issued a breath, bend your right knee, forming angle which is precise with thigh and bone dry. Hold this position during 3 until 10 slow, breaths within-inside. Repeat on the left side.

"Relaxed and relax can relieve allergic reactions. Yoga also usually performed in inside the room, so that will avoiding the sufferers of any irritation in outside air," said Setzen.

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