Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Be careful, Fruit Juice Can Ruin Children's Dental Overstated

Fruit juice is believed to be one healthy beverage. However, when given in excess can damage children's teeth.

The dentist said a lot of parents who would damage their child's dental health by giving too much fruit juice. Therefore, The British Dental Association is urging parents to start limiting the amount of fruit juice and smoothies for the children.

According to a survey conducted by the local government, about 25 percent of children under five regularly consumed fruit juice, while two-thirds regularly eat candy and sweets.

Unsweetened fruit juice is included in one of the menus are recommended to eat 5 times a day. But according to experts destroyed by processing fruits will actually spend more sugar than when eaten whole, this is what will damage the teeth. Therefore children should not consume more fruit juice than 150 ml.

Quoted from dailymail, Friday (04/12/2013), Dr Nigel Carter, chairman of the British Dental Health Foundation, said many parents do not realize that they have damaged their teeth. This happens because they do not know the bad effects of excessive fruit juice.

"Popularity is increasing and fruit juice content of the fruit itself makes juices seen as a good idea. Though sugar content and high in fruit acids that can cause tooth decay," said Dr. Carter.

"It is difficult for the children to not eat sugary foods and beverages. Therefore, very important to keep an eye on what the child consumed during meals and make sure they only consume water or milk between meals," said Dr. Carter.

Dr Carter added 3 meals / day is better for the health of their teeth rather than providing a special time for snacks, for example from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock. Because things like that that make children consume excessive sugar.

Because the structure is solid, smoothies are often given to children between meals. Though smoothies are also quite harmful for dental health as it can stick to the teeth. According to him, it is important to know the frequency with which they consume foods and sugary drinks, not the amount.

"The children are not fond of sweets directly at birth, it appears penchant habit," said Dr Carter.

Data in 2008 showed 30 percent of children aged 5 years in the UK have tooth decay. The figures emerged after MailOnline investigation and found that a small bottle of orange juice 'Pret a Manger' containing the equivalent of 13 sugar Hobnob biscuits.

While it was a small bottle of smoothie 'Innocent' sugary equivalent of three and a half Krispy Kreme donuts. Even in the special children's drinks, like 'Ribena', each bottle containing sugar 13 Oreo cookies equivalent.

Dangers of excessive sugar consumption is not only adversely affect the health of teeth. Dr. Robert Lustig, a registered dietitian and author of the book 'Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar' claim that excessive sugar consumption, both of fruit and artificial sweeteners, can increase the likelihood of a person becoming obese, increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and heart.

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