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Fast ways to calm baby when fussy

if your baby is fussy and crying, try to hold him. The new study reveals that fussy when holding a baby has good benefits, not only for the baby but also for the mother.

The study results were published in the journal Current Biology, as quoted from Today, Friday (19/04/2013).

"The baby will feel more calm and relaxed when they were picked up by his mother," said Dr. Kumi Kuroda, social behavior researcher at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan. The study looked at a very similar response of infant mice.

Dr.. Kuroda went on carrying the baby to help the baby to stop crying sooner. It can also give mothers an easy way to give peace to their infants, such as infants they were scared by the sound daunting or being injected immunizations.

In another study, researchers monitored the responses of 12 healthy infants aged 1 month to 6 months. The researchers wanted to find the most effective way for the mother to be able to soothe a crying baby in 30 seconds. Is it just by holding the baby or hold him while walking.

As a result, her mother picked up the baby while walking has the best response, compared with infants whose mothers just sit in a chair. Most of the changes seen in infants when the mother held her while walking.

"I was very surprised by the response given when picked up her baby. Babies heartbeat slowing very quickly," said Dr. Kuroda.

When the baby is hungry or sick, he would cry continuously. Therefore, Dr. Kuroda also advise the mother to identify what the cause of her tears.

"Holding may not be directly make the baby stopped crying, especially if the cause is not known. Yet cradling could prevent mothers experience stress due to the sound of crying babies," said Dr.. Kuroda.

This technique is considered to be contrary to some people who deliberately let her cry as a way to train them soothe themselves, especially when they reach the age to sleep on his own.

In response, Dr. Kuroda stated age when the child is old enough to sleep alone in a flexible he will learn. But it's good when the baby is still done this holding technique.

Are you too busy or reluctant to hold your baby when she cries? Try this technique more quickly so that your baby feel calm and stop crying.

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