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Check the Risk of Heart Disease Without Having to Doctors

Heart attack is the number one cause of death in the world. Unfortunately, many people are wondering how to prevent it. This disease can be triggered by various reasons and are often not detected until symptoms raises.

To determine the risk of heart attack, blood tests are usually required to determine levels of cholesterol, blood fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, body mass index up. This examination is usually performed in a doctor's office. But actually, there is a simple trick to check the risk of heart disease.

Ideally, normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute. If the heart rate count until one minute is too long, it can be calculated by using a timer to record the first 10 seconds, then count the number of beats that have been multiplied by six.

Heart rate exceeding 100 indicate a heart rhythm disorder that is too fast or called tachycardia. This disorder can be an early sign of serious heart disease. The reason is that chaos working electrical signals stimulate the heart muscle to pump on a regular basis.

After knowing the risk of heart disease, the next step that needs to be done is to identify the trigger risk factors, namely hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. If the risk of heart disease is high enough, then you should immediately change your lifestyle in order to minimize risk.

Want to Reduce Allergic Reactions? do Yoga

Nearly 40 million people Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. Moment of allergy relapse will appear various-sorts of reactions, such as sneezing, itching, pain, and fatigue. To overcome them, sufferers allergy usually will taking the drug. Is there any another way overcome allergy besides taking medicine?

Allergic reactions can be interfere with the activity at home, in schools, even in the workplace. According Reviews the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, rhinitis allergic or fever occurs when part inside of the nose inflamed or swollen as a a result of allergens.

"Allergens is the originator allergic, such as pollen, dust, or fur pet. Alergen this trigger the release of substances in the body which called antihistamines," said Michael Setzen, MD, clinical professor otolaryngology at University Medical School, New York.

"When of people are afflicted allergy, they become restless and levels of stress go up," said Baxter Bell, MD, an acupuncturist medical and instructor yoga in Oakland, CA.

"Subsequently the immune system started to close. Doing something which enables to relax, such as yoga, can help response your body calm and calming allergies," continued Bell, as quoted from the Prevention, Tuesday (4.23.2013).

One of one movement yoga which can be done for help the body relax in overcoming stress due to allergy is movement of 'Warrior I Pose'. This movement allows the chest and pulmonary-pulmonary for unlock and drain the all mucus which causing shortness of.

Here are the stages movement of yoga 'Warrior I Pose' which can be done:

1. Stood upright with legs and arm together-equally in beside.
2. Pull breath and widen your right foot to the front, leg left-into the rear.
3. Pull breath and lift hands in above your, width apart shoulder, palms hand facing each other.
4. Discard breath and swivel foot right-exit 90 degrees to the right and left foot you in 45 degrees to the right.
5. Discard breath, swivel hips and body facing direction the same with right foot your. Take a deep breath-inside.
6. The moment you issued a breath, bend your right knee, forming angle which is precise with thigh and bone dry. Hold this position during 3 until 10 slow, breaths within-inside. Repeat on the left side.

"Relaxed and relax can relieve allergic reactions. Yoga also usually performed in inside the room, so that will avoiding the sufferers of any irritation in outside air," said Setzen.

Forced Too Much Can Trigger Sports Injuries in Children

Sports and activity of children is very important to help the process of growth. In addition, active in your child's favorite activities will make it able to find friends and socialize as much as possible. But what if the portion of the exercise and forced exercise too much?

The new research reveals that children who spend too much time for too much for the exercise will not only make love the sport, but also injured his life. Especially if this exercise is done at the age of the child has not reached its peak of development.

Research conducted at Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, states that young athletes specializing in one sport and intensive practice have a much higher risk for stress fractures and other overuse injuries. Therefore, children are more prone to spinal injury if they train too hard and long before their bodies have fully developed.

Young athletes who spend more time with the number of hours per week of age in one of sports fields, for example, children aged 12 years practicing tennis 13 hours or more a week, then they are 70 percent more at risk of serious injury in his back, shoulder, and elbow .

"We have to be careful in giving the portion of practice, especially exercises that only focus on one type of exercise to the child in the period before and during his teenage years," said Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, exercise specialist who has published the results of this research at the meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), San Diego.

"Young athletes do not have to spend hours more than the old per week for exercise," he added, as quoted by NBC News, Monday (22/04/2013).

Between 2010 and 2013, Jayanthi and colleagues at Loyola and Lurie childres's Hospital of Chicago looking for data on the number of young athletes treated for injuries. They found that there were 1,206 young athletes aged 8-18 years treated in hospital use within the. A total of 859 cases of injuries, including overuse injuries 564, 139 cases of injury to the back or leg fractures, elbow ligament injury, and injury to the cartilage osteochondoral.

"This study is very good to be able to provide data about the dangers of pressure on children to succeed too quickly in certain sports. Does not matter if the child began to recognize the sport at the age of 4 years, but not to specialize and too much exercise," said Dan Gould, director of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University.

This study does not oppose the kids to run, throw, hit, or kick a ball, but it's good to be able to pay attention to the age of the child and not too pushy if indeed his child practice yet ready

In order Avoided Malaria

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by plasmodium parasites that live and breed in human red blood cells. The number of people affected by malaria are still not able to increase the awareness of most people to want to preserve the environment. There are many who consider the environmental clean up will suffice. Though there are some other ways the safest to avoid malaria.

some other way is safest to avoid malaria:

1. Avoid or reduce the malaria mosquito bites:
-Install the valance on the bed
-Avoid being outdoors at night
-Before going to sleep or move, use lotion anti mosquito bites
-Feel free to use mosquito coils or spray, but noticed it implies
-Install screens on windows or ventilation
-If you have a cattle shed, away from the house where you live

2. Cleaning perch eradicate mosquito breeding mosquitoes and malaria:
- Clean grass and bushes on the edge of the water channel
- Avoid too many clothes hanging in the house
- There should be no room in the dark or damp in the house
- Check around the house there is a pool of water. If yes, immediately repair to flow
- Hoarding with soil or sand all standing water around the home

3. Kill mosquitoes:
- Spray the house with insect repellent
- Killing mosquito larvae with larvae-eating fish spread
- If the larvae are in standing water, use anti larvae / larva

Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Best and Worst Drinks to Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, most people only pay attention to the food consumed. In fact, the drinks you drink also affect weight.

Drinks were also influential in reducing weight by increasing metabolism, control appetite and reduce calorie intake.

Here are some of the best and worst beverages for weight loss, as reported Onlymyhealth, Saturday (04/20/2013):

Best drinks

1. Green tea
This is the best drink for people who can not do without caffeine every day. Some compounds found in green tea causes weight loss. Green tea has a beneficial effect on your metabolism which helps in absorbing fat from the body. Drink green tea twice a day.

2. Vegetable juice
Pennsylvania State University conducted a study on the effects of vegetable juice on one's caloric intake. Found that a glass of vegetable juice before meals will help to eat 135 fewer calories.

3. Coconut water
It is so good to speed up metabolism and provide energy that can be used in the exercise to burn calories. Coconut water contains many electrolytes that increase the rate of metabolism. Make sure you avoid additional flavoring and sugar.

4. Yoghurt
If you put a lot of yogurt in smoothies, calcium contained in it helps to burn body fat and abdominal fat in particular. These are the findings of a study conducted by the University of Tennessee. Greek yogurt is a healthy choice to make weight loss.

5. Fruit juice
Fruit juices can not help to reduce calorie intake so much, but nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants contained in fruit juice makes it a good choice, especially as a replacement for sugary soda.

Worst drinks

1. Soda
Carbonated drinks have many empty calories you do not need. Even diet soda does not help in weight loss, the effect is only temporary.

2. Energy drinks
Energy drinks used by athletes also full of calories. Added nutrients in it are available in other low-carb drinks.

3. Fancy coffee
Coffee with a little sugar and skim milk may not be so bad but that added to the whipped cream, ice cream and lots of sugar gives you more calories.

4. Beer
One glass of beer contains about 150 calories and usually people drink more than 2 servings. This is not good for you who want to lose weight.

5. Full cream milk
This drink is not a healthy choice for you. Cream contains a lot of calories that hinder weight loss.

Be careful, Fruit Juice Can Ruin Children's Dental Overstated

Fruit juice is believed to be one healthy beverage. However, when given in excess can damage children's teeth.

The dentist said a lot of parents who would damage their child's dental health by giving too much fruit juice. Therefore, The British Dental Association is urging parents to start limiting the amount of fruit juice and smoothies for the children.

According to a survey conducted by the local government, about 25 percent of children under five regularly consumed fruit juice, while two-thirds regularly eat candy and sweets.

Unsweetened fruit juice is included in one of the menus are recommended to eat 5 times a day. But according to experts destroyed by processing fruits will actually spend more sugar than when eaten whole, this is what will damage the teeth. Therefore children should not consume more fruit juice than 150 ml.

Quoted from dailymail, Friday (04/12/2013), Dr Nigel Carter, chairman of the British Dental Health Foundation, said many parents do not realize that they have damaged their teeth. This happens because they do not know the bad effects of excessive fruit juice.

"Popularity is increasing and fruit juice content of the fruit itself makes juices seen as a good idea. Though sugar content and high in fruit acids that can cause tooth decay," said Dr. Carter.

"It is difficult for the children to not eat sugary foods and beverages. Therefore, very important to keep an eye on what the child consumed during meals and make sure they only consume water or milk between meals," said Dr. Carter.

Dr Carter added 3 meals / day is better for the health of their teeth rather than providing a special time for snacks, for example from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock. Because things like that that make children consume excessive sugar.

Because the structure is solid, smoothies are often given to children between meals. Though smoothies are also quite harmful for dental health as it can stick to the teeth. According to him, it is important to know the frequency with which they consume foods and sugary drinks, not the amount.

"The children are not fond of sweets directly at birth, it appears penchant habit," said Dr Carter.

Data in 2008 showed 30 percent of children aged 5 years in the UK have tooth decay. The figures emerged after MailOnline investigation and found that a small bottle of orange juice 'Pret a Manger' containing the equivalent of 13 sugar Hobnob biscuits.

While it was a small bottle of smoothie 'Innocent' sugary equivalent of three and a half Krispy Kreme donuts. Even in the special children's drinks, like 'Ribena', each bottle containing sugar 13 Oreo cookies equivalent.

Dangers of excessive sugar consumption is not only adversely affect the health of teeth. Dr. Robert Lustig, a registered dietitian and author of the book 'Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar' claim that excessive sugar consumption, both of fruit and artificial sweeteners, can increase the likelihood of a person becoming obese, increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and heart.

Fast ways to calm baby when fussy

if your baby is fussy and crying, try to hold him. The new study reveals that fussy when holding a baby has good benefits, not only for the baby but also for the mother.

The study results were published in the journal Current Biology, as quoted from Today, Friday (19/04/2013).

"The baby will feel more calm and relaxed when they were picked up by his mother," said Dr. Kumi Kuroda, social behavior researcher at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan. The study looked at a very similar response of infant mice.

Dr.. Kuroda went on carrying the baby to help the baby to stop crying sooner. It can also give mothers an easy way to give peace to their infants, such as infants they were scared by the sound daunting or being injected immunizations.

In another study, researchers monitored the responses of 12 healthy infants aged 1 month to 6 months. The researchers wanted to find the most effective way for the mother to be able to soothe a crying baby in 30 seconds. Is it just by holding the baby or hold him while walking.

As a result, her mother picked up the baby while walking has the best response, compared with infants whose mothers just sit in a chair. Most of the changes seen in infants when the mother held her while walking.

"I was very surprised by the response given when picked up her baby. Babies heartbeat slowing very quickly," said Dr. Kuroda.

When the baby is hungry or sick, he would cry continuously. Therefore, Dr. Kuroda also advise the mother to identify what the cause of her tears.

"Holding may not be directly make the baby stopped crying, especially if the cause is not known. Yet cradling could prevent mothers experience stress due to the sound of crying babies," said Dr.. Kuroda.

This technique is considered to be contrary to some people who deliberately let her cry as a way to train them soothe themselves, especially when they reach the age to sleep on his own.

In response, Dr. Kuroda stated age when the child is old enough to sleep alone in a flexible he will learn. But it's good when the baby is still done this holding technique.

Are you too busy or reluctant to hold your baby when she cries? Try this technique more quickly so that your baby feel calm and stop crying.