Selasa, 23 April 2013

In order Avoided Malaria

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by plasmodium parasites that live and breed in human red blood cells. The number of people affected by malaria are still not able to increase the awareness of most people to want to preserve the environment. There are many who consider the environmental clean up will suffice. Though there are some other ways the safest to avoid malaria.

some other way is safest to avoid malaria:

1. Avoid or reduce the malaria mosquito bites:
-Install the valance on the bed
-Avoid being outdoors at night
-Before going to sleep or move, use lotion anti mosquito bites
-Feel free to use mosquito coils or spray, but noticed it implies
-Install screens on windows or ventilation
-If you have a cattle shed, away from the house where you live

2. Cleaning perch eradicate mosquito breeding mosquitoes and malaria:
- Clean grass and bushes on the edge of the water channel
- Avoid too many clothes hanging in the house
- There should be no room in the dark or damp in the house
- Check around the house there is a pool of water. If yes, immediately repair to flow
- Hoarding with soil or sand all standing water around the home

3. Kill mosquitoes:
- Spray the house with insect repellent
- Killing mosquito larvae with larvae-eating fish spread
- If the larvae are in standing water, use anti larvae / larva

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