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Best and Worst Drinks to Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, most people only pay attention to the food consumed. In fact, the drinks you drink also affect weight.

Drinks were also influential in reducing weight by increasing metabolism, control appetite and reduce calorie intake.

Here are some of the best and worst beverages for weight loss, as reported Onlymyhealth, Saturday (04/20/2013):

Best drinks

1. Green tea
This is the best drink for people who can not do without caffeine every day. Some compounds found in green tea causes weight loss. Green tea has a beneficial effect on your metabolism which helps in absorbing fat from the body. Drink green tea twice a day.

2. Vegetable juice
Pennsylvania State University conducted a study on the effects of vegetable juice on one's caloric intake. Found that a glass of vegetable juice before meals will help to eat 135 fewer calories.

3. Coconut water
It is so good to speed up metabolism and provide energy that can be used in the exercise to burn calories. Coconut water contains many electrolytes that increase the rate of metabolism. Make sure you avoid additional flavoring and sugar.

4. Yoghurt
If you put a lot of yogurt in smoothies, calcium contained in it helps to burn body fat and abdominal fat in particular. These are the findings of a study conducted by the University of Tennessee. Greek yogurt is a healthy choice to make weight loss.

5. Fruit juice
Fruit juices can not help to reduce calorie intake so much, but nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants contained in fruit juice makes it a good choice, especially as a replacement for sugary soda.

Worst drinks

1. Soda
Carbonated drinks have many empty calories you do not need. Even diet soda does not help in weight loss, the effect is only temporary.

2. Energy drinks
Energy drinks used by athletes also full of calories. Added nutrients in it are available in other low-carb drinks.

3. Fancy coffee
Coffee with a little sugar and skim milk may not be so bad but that added to the whipped cream, ice cream and lots of sugar gives you more calories.

4. Beer
One glass of beer contains about 150 calories and usually people drink more than 2 servings. This is not good for you who want to lose weight.

5. Full cream milk
This drink is not a healthy choice for you. Cream contains a lot of calories that hinder weight loss.

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